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​~Powerful OSET motor, controller and OSET 20ah lithium battery, designed to work in unison on this machine

~A 48v OSET drive system (complete with 3-dial adjustability) 

~Custom upside-down fork built to OSET's specifications and an adjustable oil shock at the rear

~Hydraulic disc brakes with reach adjustable levers for small hands provide plenty of stopping power

~Adjustable seat height – giving even the smallest riders more confidence as they can touch the ground

~Electric power means no kick start – which means no more running across a track to help get the bike restarted

~No hot exhaust, so no one is going to be scorched accidentally

~For riders aged 4 - 7 year old

OSET Electric Bikes

Trials, Dirt, Motocross Electric Motorcycles

For Kids Age 3 to Adult!

Electric bikes have NO hot parts, require NO fuel, produce NO fumes and are virtually silent, meaning they can be ridden where other bikes cannot. 


$2,169 + Shipping

Bike of choice for competition for 5-7 year olds!


Helps riders develop skills very early and gives them a head start before stepping up to bigger machines.

~1-2 hour run time per charge

~Fully adjustable speed controls

~Bike weight : 73.17 lbs


20.0 Racing MKII 

$3,799 + Shipping


1+ day trial riding / 3+ hours of off road riding

For Riders 8 years & Up

~Fully adjustable speed controls

~Bike weight : 76.50 lbs



$1,639 + Shipping

The worlds best selling kids electric motorcycle for ages 3-5. 

~Perfect beginner bike for children who have never ridden before.

~For riders age 3-5

~After Market Padded Seat Available to Purchase

~1-2 Hour Run Time Per Charge

~Magnetic Lanyard to be worn around your kids wrist that shuts off the bike when disconnected

~Fully adjustable speed controls

~Bike weight : 58.19lbs


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24.0 R

~Lightweight 19” trials tyres front and rear, the reduced weight gives more power, more run time, and results in a taller, lighter bike more suited to trick riding.

~Suspension is set for teens and adults up to 90kg (198lbs).

~20ah high output OSET lithium battery

~Adjustable full-length RST forks, DNM rear shock and Avid hydraulic brakes with a 180mm discs front and rear.

~The motor is a new 1400w OSET unit with hardened sprockets and strong chain.

~OSET controller - a high power unit and features the familiar 3-dial adjustability, so the power, speed and response are fully adjustable to suit the rider.

~Magnetic lanyard adds a level of safety and is competition legal.

~For adults and teenagers




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