12.5R - IN STOCK 

$1,639 + Shipping

The worlds best selling kids electric motorcycle for ages 3-5. 

~Perfect beginner bike for children who have never ridden before.

~For riders age 3-5

~After Market Padded Seat Available to Purchase

~1-2 Hour Run Time Per Charge

~Magnetic Lanyard to be worn around your kids wrist that shuts off the bike when disconnected

~Fully adjustable speed controls

~Bike weight : 58.19lbs


OSET Electric Bikes

Trials, Dirt, Motocross Electric Motorcycles

For Kids Age 3 to Adult!

Electric bikes have NO hot parts, require NO fuel, produce NO fumes and are virtually silent, meaning they can be ridden where other bikes cannot. 

most units are backordered until the end of january 2020!

16.0R - IN STOCK

$2,169 + Shipping

Bike of choice for competition for 5-7 year olds!


Helps riders develop skills very early and gives them a head start before stepping up to bigger machines.

~1-2 hour run time per charge

~Fully adjustable speed controls

~Bike weight : 73.17 lbs


20.0 Racing MKII - IN STOCK

$3,799 + Shipping


1+ day trial riding / 3+ hours of off road riding

For Riders 8 years & Up

~Fully adjustable speed controls

~Bike weight : 76.50 lbs


All information from www.OSETbikes.com

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